On December 2, 1972, 13 men were initiated into the noble clan of Kappa Alpha Psi thus chartering the Eta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi. From its conception our chapter has been one of rich history, strong traditions, and great achievements. The Alpha Theta Chapter at Tennessee State University made the first line at Middle Tennessee State University. The Dean of Pledges was Thomas A. Wall. Historically known as the “First Thirteen”, our charter members brought the first African-American Greek letter organization to the Middle Tennessee State University Campus, which is so noted in the MTSU Archives. Eta Gamma chapter was chartered December 9, 1973. Like our illustrious ten founders, the first thirteen brought the ideals and principles of Achievement in every field of human endeavor to a majority white campus. Thirty-Four years ago, the Eta Gamma Chapter set the pace for black Greeks at MTSU and continue to increase that pace to this day. From world class Olympians to education specialist the, brothers of Eta Gamma continue to excel in our personal lives while improving life around us.

These men laid the foundation of our beloved chapter, upholding the fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi; Achievement.

Charter Members

  1. Tommy Haynes
  2. Grady Manning
  3. Reuben Justice
  4. Edmond Miller
  5. Barry McClure
  6. Melvin Boyd
  7. Raymond Bonner
  8. Andrew Cannon
  9. Jessie Agnew
  10. Reginald Van Pointer
  11. J.W. Harper
  12. Keith M. Cromarite
  13. Byron Kelly

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